Custom Wood Toy

With over 20 years of production experience, Nicety is a toy manufacturer specializing in all kinds of wooden toys. We can customize toys according to provided drawings and samples and even offer OEM and ODM toy processing services. All types of wooden toys can be customized, including classics like wooden blocks, wooden puzzles, and sports and games toys.

Stock Products

Below is a summary of wooden toys Nicety has produced over the years, including wooden blocks, wooden puzzles, educational toys, sports and games toys, etc. You can make an order based on your needs and our designers will get to work bringing them to life. Our wooden toys suitable for children of all ages for household use as well as in classrooms. Toys are essential for the growth and wellbeing of children as they help kids improve their fine motor skills and foster their imagination and creativity.

Wood Toy Manufacturer

Toys are more than just fun. They help us develop valuable skills as we grow up and sometimes things as simple as wooden blocks can be invaluable to improving our creative and spatial abilities. With this in mind, Shenzhen Nicety Mould Co. produces a wide range of custom wooden toys, including customized wooden blocks, wooden puzzles, and sports and games toys. We employ a highly skilled design team to bring your ideas to life and help the next generation in their development. Plus, they’re just plain fun. Simply contact us and provide us with a drawing or sample and we can get to work making your toys a reality.